David Boswell | The Story Behind the Story

David Boswell

David Boswell | The Story Behind the Story


by Stamish Malcuss

David Boswell Los Angeles based guitarist David Boswell has enjoyed a varied career a stint with San Francisco rock group the Metro Jets to studying film scoring at UCLA. He is as technically savvy as he is musically endowed. A busy studio musician, Boswell always took time for his own endeavors with a profoundly personal voice as an improviser and composer. Boswell is releasing his sixth album in a series of melodic and adventurous CDs. The Story Behind The Story is adorned with Boswell’s originals with the cut “Innocence” co-written with his co-producer Jimmy Haslip and Barry Coates. On this project, Boswell is joined by formidable players including Scott Kinsey, Mitchel Forman, and Otmaro Ruiz on keyboards, Bart Samolis and Jimmy Haslip on bass, MB Gordy, and Gary Novak on drums, and guest tenor-saxophonist Andy Snitzer.

“Miraculous” is a beautifully moving piece. Boswell’s is illuminated on the tune. His warm tone resonates with Gordy’s well-placed drum hits as Samolis locks tightly with Gordy. Boswell is inspired as he traverses the melody with searing tenacity and opulent note choices.

The title track “The Story Behind the Story,” unfolds into a building lyrical listen. Boswell has an uncanny ability of a creating an intensity within his playing that on first brush feels lavish, but upon further inspection, the intensity is filled with dexterity and adroitness in every crevasse of every note.

Closing the album “The Sun and the Moon,” Boswell employs acoustic guitar. Joined by Haslip on bass, the two harmonically transcend the tune with transcendent colorizations. The midway point injects a rhythmic variation. Gordy builds the intensity as Snitzer wails with an arpeggiated climax, as Boswell’s modernistic capstone carries the tune into a fervent outro as each player adds their commentary, adding up to an innovative listen.

The album is tied together by Boswell’s improvising and beautifully crafted melodies. Though likened to Pat Metheny, there is nothing contrived about Boswell’s playing. His style, tone, and ability to articulate each note with focused resonance is uniquely his own facility. There is much to savor on this magnificent outing, The Story Behind The Story.

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