Terry Marshall, Arrival

by Icrom Bigrad

Composer/Pianist Terry Marshall has put together an enjoyable project entitled, Arrival featuring five original compositions and six well and not so well -known standards and arrangements by Marshall. There are four vocal selections featuring Iva Ambush on “Being Cool” and “Upside Down,” Kendra Johnson on “This Bitter Earth” and Johnson is joined by vocalist DeCastro Brown for “Moodies Mood For Love.”
For Arrival Marshall has a rotating cast of players, but all speak the same language so the overall effect is still a project that flows and has a consistent musical sound overall.  Marshall’s originals are catchy and fit in nice with the selected standards.  The project has a lot of straight eight selections, but the styles overall are varied and with the four vocal selections mixed in with the instrumentals the listener will always get the feeling of a cohesive project.
 There is a plethora of groove on this recording, but it is not for a purist of any specific genre, instead it will appeal to a wide audience.  Marshall’s most impressive skill are his ability to do all of the writing and arranging and put a varied cast together that makes everything work; and of course his playing is especially concerned with inviting the listener into the musical moments that is Arrival.

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