Fred Fried and Core 3.0

by Jeff Becker

Fred Fried has augmented the standard 6-string guitar’s sonic palette by adding two additional strings and a world of new colors. The nylon 8-string guitar gives CORE a recognizable sound and texture. The trio always keeps “what’s best for the tune” in mind as they explore nine Fried originals.

“Leanne’s Number” is today’s focus. Beginning with the clear tones of two beautifully voiced chords, then Matsuki enters with a light straight eight figure, followed by Lavoie holding down double stops to add to the suspense. The tension is released by a fast unison figure that falls into the next statement. Fried masterfully develops the motif through this section, with ever evolving harmony and a play on notes, the listener flows through various feel changes and then the form is repeated. However, Fried surprises us with a flawless transition into a mid-up swing at the end of the form for the solos.

Fried’s solo is full of energy and motifs. His tone is warm and clear. His solo builds via single lines, building energy and interest. Fried keeps the melody in mind compositionally, with the rhythmic figure of the last bars of the melody being used during the solo section as well. Fried’s solo continues to build as he employs the use of quick moving chordal colors to finish his musical statement.

The chordal theme is continued during an interlude that Matsuki fills with musical patterns and colors from his set. CORE returns to the original melody one time and than over the opening two chords Lavoie provides upper register melodic commentary.

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