Ken Greves, The Face of My Love

by Jeff Becker

Specializing in the music of Harold Arlen, influenced by Judy Garland and raised by musician parents, who quickly discovered their son’s fascination with music, theater and dance, it was only natural for Ken to pursue a career in adult standards.

Today we will focus on a Harold Arlen and Len Robin composition, from the new Greves CD, The Face of My Love. Ken Greves brings out in his interpretation of “It Was Written In The Stars,” an emotional cry that takes us through the full course of the relationship stages.
Ken’s voice is soft, yet masculine in delivery. You can hear the passion for Arlen’s music deep in Ken’s soul. Pianist Wells Hanley, weaves a fabric on lyrical canvas for bassist Tom Hubbard and drummer, Jacob Melchior to create and lifting pad for Ken’s voice to delicately lay upon. Ken’s interpretation is befitting the composer, though he makes the cut truly his own, he does honor the composer’s original concepts.

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