Nancy Goudinaki | Ariadne’s Lullaby

by Stamish Malcuss

Nancy Goudinaki, Ariadne's LullabyIs it classical, it is pop, is it jazz, or is it simply all of these things rolled into one?  Or none of these things, just simply beautifully written and played children’s lullaby. Guitarist, Nancy Goudinaki, most well known for her jazz endeavors gets back to her roots on nylon strung guitar.

Goudinaki began her musical endeavoring at the tender age of eight. There was never any question Goudinaki wanted to pursue music, her beginnings were embedded in classical guitar.  Nine years later, she continued her studies with master classical guitarist, Costas Cotsiolis, and received her degree in Musicology and diploma with honors in classical guitar.  After receiving her B.A. in Music/Fine Arts in 2007 from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece, Nancy G (as everyone refers to her now in New York) moved to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a professional jazz vocalist and composer. After a highly successful run with jazz debut I Wanna Be Your Star, Goudinaki was blessed with a beautiful niece, that would once again turn her back to her origins in classical guitar.

The gorgeous lullaby is titled “Ariadne’s Lullaby,“ which was inspired by the birth of her newborn baby niece, Ariadne, whose name means “most holy” in Greek.  Goudinaki has a strong sense of family and what better chance to honor that connection by including baby Ariadne’s in the lullaby as a guest appearance.  No, not singing per se, but in the language of babes, the beautiful and intrinsic sounds of cooing which deepens the personal meaning behind the lullaby.

Goudinaki’s guitar sings with sensitivity, her use of hand percussive hits on the guitar body add to the liveliness of the tune, but is the sheer loving melody that transports the emotion of this undeniable tribute to Goudinaki’s baby niece.  Ariadne is certainly forever captured on this lasting keepsake, but beyond that, “Ariadne’s Lullaby,” is a welcomed addition to any parent’s relaxation period with their own child.  Goudinaki outdid herself on this one.  I look forward to what she puts for next.

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