Esperanza Spalding, Não Ao Marco Temporal Review


Esperanza Spalding, Não Ao Marco Temporal Review

by Icrom Bigrad

Esperanza-Spalding-Jazz-Sensibilities-CDEsperanza Spalding’s single “Não Ao Marco Temporal” is a beautiful traditional Brazilian based song, and, a profound statement, blending art with activism to spotlight a critical environmental and social issue. Released under Concord Records and recorded in Rio de Janeiro, this piece encapsulates Spalding’s engagement with Brazil’s current environmental struggles, specifically focusing on the contentious debate over Indigenous land sovereignty and the protection of the Amazon Rainforest. The song’s backdrop—Brazil’s Supreme Court’s rejection of the Temporal Framework, which aimed to restrict Indigenous rights to their ancestral lands—provides a timely context for the music’s message and resonance.

The musical composition of “Não Ao Marco Temporal” is rich in traditional Brazilian elements, employing instruments such as the cavaco, violão, cuica, and various percussion instruments, masterfully played by artists like Pretinho da Serrinha, Felipe Chocotão, and Igor Souza, among others. This choice of instrumentation pays homage to the cultural richness of Brazil and is as a sonic symbol of the land and people the song seeks to defend. The melody is catchy, and the ensemble’s performance, combined with Spalding’s captivating vocals and bass playing, creates a sound that is engaging and deeply rooted in Brazilian musical rhythms.

Lyrically, the song is powerful and poignant. It draws an allegory between the exploitation of a woman’s body and the violation of Brazil’s natural and Indigenous territories. Such a comparison is not made lightly; it underscores the severity of the actions taken against the Amazon and its Indigenous peoples, equating the greed-driven encroachment on land to acts of violence and violation. This metaphor is extended through vivid imagery, suggesting a parallel between the “sophisticated ones wearing their robes” who claim to seek progress, and the underlying motives that are anything but benevolent. This duality of claimed progress versus actual harm is a central theme, masterfully woven through the lyrics to provoke thought and stir empathy.

Produced by Spalding, along with Pretinho da Serrinha and Arthur Luna, the song’s creation was a collaborative effort, drawing upon the talents and energies of a passionate group of musicians. Their shared goal was not only to produce a piece of music but to contribute to the advocacy against the Marco Temporal, aiming to support and amplify the voices of Indigenous communities fighting for their rights and the preservation of the Amazon.

The song’s release serves as a celebration of the legal victory against the Marco Temporal, but it also acknowledges the ongoing struggle. Spalding’s intention—to keep the awareness alive and to support the continued fight against threats to Indigenous sovereignty and environmental protection—is clear. Her personal connection to Brazil and its cultural heritage, combined with a recognition of the global significance of the Amazon Rainforest, adds depth and sincerity to her message.

Não Ao Marco Temporal” brings together the power of music to engage with pressing global issues. Spalding has crafted a piece that is musically compelling and rich in message and meaning, offering a sonic celebration of a significant legal victory while reminding listeners of the ongoing battles for environmental preservation and Indigenous rights. Through its intricate melodies, intoxicating rhythms, evocative lyrics, and the collective energy of its creators, “Não Ao Marco Temporal” resonates as a vibrant call to action and solidarity, echoing far beyond the borders of Brazil.

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