Richard Bona and Reginald Policard, Encuentro Theme Review


Richard Bona and Reginald Policard, Encuentro Theme Review

by Icrom Bigrad

Reginald-Policard-Ricard-Bona-Jazz-Sensibilities-cdIn the luminescent colors of sounds of the world, “Encuentro Theme” is a confluence of rhythmic narratives, a celebration of the synergistic artistry of Richard Bona and Reginald Policard. The piece, a cerebral yet soulful fusion, resonates with the authentic spirit of jazz and world music, underscoring the duo’s commitment to bridging cultural divides through the universal language of music.

Encuentro Theme” is a catchy musical composition, an intricate dialogue between diverse musical traditions. Bona, a GRAMMY-winning multi-instrumentalist, and Policard, a GRAMMY-nominated jazz pianist, embark on a journey that transcends the conventional boundaries of jazz, infusing it with the vibrancy of Latin Caribbean rhythms and the pulsating energy of the Miami scene. Following the duo’s acclaimed “Melancolia,” this track is a bold step in their evolving partnership, embodying the ethos of their Encuentro label – a celebration of unity and harmony.

The ensemble accompanying this piece is supportive and filled with musical brilliance. The trumpet calls of Jean Caze, Ludwig Afonso’s rhythmic drumming, Teddy Mulet’s trombone and trumpet echoes, David Fernandez’s saxophone whispers, Hector Quintana’s guitar stylings, Sammy Figueroa’s percussive genius, and Edwin Bonilla’s mastery on congas and timbales – each artist adds a unique hue to this rich musical canvas. Their collaboration results in a dynamic blend, an auditory feast that tantalizes the senses like a well-orchestrated culinary masterpiece.

Delving into the technical aspects, Policard’s compositional gifts shine through in “Encuentro Theme.” His melodies, while catchy, are steeped in a deep understanding of jazz’s historical and cultural contexts, especially its Caribbean influences. Bona’s multifaceted musicianship adds layers of complexity and emotional depth, creating a resonant backdrop that invites listeners into a world of rhythmic euphoria.

This track is a music representation of cultural resilience and innovation of all involved in the song, with contributions from around the world. It embodies the enduring spirit of world music, a genre that has continually evolved while staying true to its roots. “Encuentro Theme” flows with rhythmic unity, inviting listeners to partake in a dance of harmonious coexistence of all cultures.

In conclusion, “Encuentro Theme” is a brilliant exemplar of how world music can transcend its traditional form, embracing many elements to create something both familiar and refreshingly new. As a critic, musician, and enthusiast, this piece is a compelling reminder of world music’s capacity to unite, inspire, and innovate. It’s a bold statement in the evolving narrative of jazz, a narrative that Richard Bona and Reginald Policard are masterfully scripting.

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