June Bisantz and Alex Nakhimovsky | Love’s Tango

by Stamish Malcuss

The collaboration of June Bisantz and Alex Nakhimovsky melds together two magnificently creative souls into a distinctly Latin tinged album titled Love’s Tango.  As one would expect the album is filled with bossa, samba and tango, but what this album offers is not the usual Brazilian songbook, it is adorned with original compositions by Bisantz and Nakhimovsky.  Though they have recorded together in the past, Love’s Tango signals their first writing collaboration of all originals together.  They are joined by Norman Johnson on guitar; Matt Dwonszyk on bass; Brunilda Myftaraj on violin; Lu San on viola; Kathy Schiano on cello; Marcus Centola on accordion; John Mastroianni on flute, clarinet, sax; Jeff Holmes on trumpet/flugelhorn; Steve Davis on trombone and Ed Fast on drums, vibraphone & percussion. The result is an endearing listen that you will cherish for years to come.

The album kicks off with “This Reverie,” its flavoring is reminiscent of Diana Krall’s The Look of Love album in 2001, that featured easy going gentle bossas.  What set’s this collaboration between Bisantz and Nakhimovsky apart is their originals.  Equally, Bisantz like Krall has an unassuming voice that is sweetly pleasing and Nakhimovsky’s delicate touch is flawless, he has a stylistic beauty to his playing that shimmers.

The album is not all bossa’s and strings with sensual Latin guitar, on the title track “Love’s Tango,” the tune takes a distinctive Spanish overtone.  Complete with castanets provided by Ed Fast, and the not often used accordion by Marcus Centola, the ensemble beautifully pays homage to the long tradition of tango. The beauty of the dance is immediately felt with the rhythms and lyrics.  You are transported to the dance floor and relish in the reverence of the tango. Bisantz is once again simply delightful in her delivery, stylish with a hint of provocative sophistication, that simply fits the chic of the tune.

There is a depth to the songs on Love’s Tango that goes beyond the standard songbook, the dual leaders have created refined originals that stand out as lasting pieces.  This is a welcomed addition for anyone who enjoys a relaxing, yet slow burning listen with top-shelf performances. Love’s Tango is the antidote to any long day. Relax, unwind and drink in the beauty of the Love’s Tango.

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