Malija | Instinct

by Stamish Malcuss

The players comprising the trio Malija are: Mark Lockheart, soprano and tenor saxophones; Jasper Høiby, double bass; and Liam Noble, piano.  A drummer-less trio that allows each player to create mutable improvisational excursions is done with panache and depth.

This is the ensembles second offering; each musician contributes original charts to the session.  At times spontaneous, while others complex and grippingly contrasting.  Instinct is aptly titled, as each player instinctually and spontaneously, crafts a conversational acoustic flow.

“Kindred Spirit,” ensues with driving, serpentine rhythms while “TV Shoes” alternates between harmonic and unison melodies, the interplay is buoyant throughout, and resolves to a swinging feel as the tuned progresses, leaving the listener hungry for more.

“Hung Up,” a Høiby original explores linear lines and distinguishable grooves, intelligent use of dynamics on piano and intricate bass figures, create a sense of range and maturity in its conception.  Lockheart’s spiraling soprano saxophone on “Mila,” is a sheer delight in its masterful prowess.  Each tune a logistical delight in journey, where not one tune is like the next, creates a wonderfully vibrant voyage for the listener.

A stop at “Sanctuary” cogitates a serenity worth pausing for.  An outstanding cogent jazz trio jazz with elevations of chamber music, with distinctive compositional reach.

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