Tim Bedner, Of Light and Shadow

by  Jeff Becker

Guitarist Tim Bedner masterfully conveys the art of color and textural contrasts in his brilliant offering Of Light and Shadow. His ability to create the slow burn and say much more with space is the cornerstone to a mature guitarist and Bedner illuminates these qualities in spades.

The Ottawa, Canada-based Berklee alum successfully unites emotive feelings with introspective philosophies and darker contemplation on the all-original masterpiece, Of Light and Shadow.
Bedner’s greatest strength is highlighted in his ability to comprehend the effectiveness of volume, aggression and the use of guitar effects in an impacting and effective manner that is easy on the ears.  At times guitar effects can be not used in a pleasing manner, but Bedner’s maturity and definitive ear clearly sets him apart in the large genre of jazz guitarists.
The guitarist’s support cast is small in numbers, with only two others  Normand Glaude, for example, covers bass, percussion, synth strings and harmonica, but it’s the last instrument on that list that really makes an impact; his Toots Thielemans-esque harmonica is the perfect foil for Bedner. Drummer Jeff Asselin creates a woven canvas firm yet flexible further creating a solid foundation for all concerned. He’s equally comfortable with odd-metered furrows and sweeping feel shifts, and Bedner gives each player equal time to create a truly collaborative trio sound.
Of Light And Shadow doesn’t win the listener with pyrotechnics of sound, rather its subtly seeps into the ears and lingers there and wins the deeper meaning through its beauty of sound, well-crafted compositions and truly mature essence. Truly a striking experience.

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