Jae Sinnett’s Zero To 60 Quartet, Commitment Review


Jae Sinnett’s Zero To 60 Quartet, Commitment Review

Exploring Rhythm, Dynamics, and Authenticity with Commitment: Jae Sinnett’s Zero To 60 Quartet

by Jeff Becker

Jae-Sinnett-cdIn Commitment, his 19th outing as a leader, the seasoned jazz drummer, composer, and bandleader Jae Sinnett invites us on a captivating sonic journey. Commitment is a complete display of Sinnett’s unwavering dedication to the jazz art form, his rhythmic acuity, his dynamic stick control, and his authentic compositions and arrangements.

Commitment is an immersive exploration into the depths of Sinnett’s musical universe, firmly anchored by the three pillars of his musicianship. His Rhythmic Intellect is on full display, articulating complex rhythms and providing a steady pulse that unifies the ensemble. His Dynamic Stick Control emphasizes his exceptional technical prowess, utilizing his mastery over the drumsticks to generate a rich tapestry of dynamics and textures. Sinnett’s Authentic Compositions and Arrangements, underscore his individualistic style and authenticity, infusing his original pieces with a distinct voice, and breathing fresh perspectives into reimagined standards.

The album wouldn’t resonate as deeply without Jae Sinnett’s Zero To 60 Quartet. The ensemble includes the sensitive touch of Allen Farnham on piano and the buoyant bass work of Terry Burrell. Together, they form a rhythm section with Sinnett that provides a robust foundation for the album’s vibrant interplay. The front line of saxophonist Steve Wilson and trumpeter Randy Brecker contributes evocative solos, enhancing Sinnett’s compositions. Each musician’s unique voice is interwoven into the collective sound, resulting in a deeply resonant, cohesive unit.

Brimming with dynamic freshness, Commitment encapsulates Sinnett’s decades-long journey into honing his craft and guiding others in finding their musical voices. Whether you are a longtime fan or a new listener, Commitment offers an unforgettable musical experience, reinforcing Jae Sinnett’s esteemed status in the pantheon of influential jazz musicians.

Rhythmic Intellect: Sinnett’s foundational role as a drummer is vividly showcased throughout the album. The opener, “Takin’ It There,” serves as a compelling stage for his sophisticated grasp of rhythm. His timekeeping is impeccable, not just maintaining the pulse but enhancing the entire ensemble’s cohesiveness. Similarly, in “Wait For Me” and “Muhammara’s Dance,” Sinnett skillfully manipulates rhythm to create an infectious drive that fuels the tracks. His unerring sense of timing and the subtle complexity of his rhythmic patterns form the heartbeat of these pieces, showcasing his intuitive understanding of the interplay between rhythm and melody.

Dynamic Stick Control: Sinnett’s superior command of dynamics is most notable in tracks like “Simone” and “Be It As It May.” Here, he displays a wide range of dynamics from gentle, whisper-soft cymbal swishes to bold, commanding strokes on the toms. The transition from soft to loud and back again, orchestrated with surgical precision, creates an engaging ebb and flow, adding layers of emotion and depth to the performance. His solos, especially in “Everything Must Change,” reveal a drummer who understands the power of silence as much as sound, utilizing the full spectrum of his kit to create a story within a song.

Authentic Composition and Arrangements: Sinnett’s creativity as a composer shines brightly in “Takin’ It There” and “Muhammara’s Dance,” both reflecting his ability to create compositions that are intricate, engaging, and rhythmically compelling. His arrangement of classics like “Simone” and “Skylark” reflect a deep respect for their original versions while infusing them with a fresh, vibrant energy that is undeniably Sinnett’s. His reinterpretation of standards demonstrates a unique voice that respects tradition while pushing boundaries, proving his strength not only as a performer but as an arranger and composer.

Commitment is a celebration of Jae Sinnett’s musical perspective. Sinnett’s rhythmic intellect, dynamic stick control, and authentic compositions and arrangements aren’t just displayed; they are the lifeblood of the album, painting a vivid picture of his creative universe. Commitment reaffirms his place in the jazz world as not just a performer, but a true artist who leaves an indelible imprint on the art form. It is a record that both fans and newcomers to Sinnett’s work will find rewarding, an intimate peek into the heart and soul of an enduring jazz maestro.

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