Alba Careta Group | Alades


Alba Careta Group | Alades

by Stamish Malcuss

Alba-Careta_coverAlba Careta is a twenty-five-year-old trumpeter and composer based in Avinyó, Spain. Careta has taken part in many different projects, including Balkan Paradise Orchestra, Big Born Band, Cardona Jazz Quartet, Mamihlapinatapai, STOKA Ensemble, NSJO (Netherlands Student Jazz Orchestra), JM Jazz World Orchestra, MB Big Band, Ping-En Hung Quintet. The young trumpeter has also collaborated with Santi Careta, Jofre Fité, Ferran Juamira Duo, Las Albits.  Careta also leads her band, the Alba Careta Group, and she still finds time for school as she is earning her Masters in Jazz Trumpet at the Amsterdam Conservatory. Careta is releasing her second album as a bandleader called Alades.

The ensemble is filled-out with Egor Doubay (tenor sax), Adrián Moncada (piano) Jort Terrwjin (double bass), and Joäo Guerra (drums). The eight tracks draw from the rising Spanish trumpeter’s experiences while studying and living in Holland. “The nostalgia of being far from home, the curiosity of knowing what life will bring, and the desire to be next to the people I love are some of the feelings that you can find in my new album,” Careta says in press notes. Careta adds, “I simply gathered friends with whom I feel good playing; this is what later makes us all feel good on stage and out of it.”

“A Saber,” a rhythmically complex Latin tune, offers beauty with muscularity.  Moncada creates an active yet compelling accompaniment to Careta and Doubay’s horn lines.  Terrwjin’s bass is round and warm as, once again, Moncada punctuates underneath the bassist’s solo.  Careta has a bright and focused sound that brilliantly conveys her ideas. Careta and Doubay have equaled foils as they weave and bob through the melody, complementing each other’s magnificent commentary. An exhilarating track that satisfies in every way.

“Oceans” is a fine example of Careta’s compositional skills. With a form that alternates between a propulsive and up-tempo swing.  The feels are kept consistent by Guerra’s fluid drumming and Moncada’s chords. Half-way through the composition, a brooding and atmospheric middle section lets the music breathe for a moment. The excitement is highlighted by Caretta’s and Doubay’s energetic and emotional dueling solos. A video of the song was filmed and edited by LeCuala Films‘ Aarón Barreiro, which is centered around a surreal and dream-like logic in which household items — a drawer, a bed, a nightstand, two lamps are sunk to the bottom of a pool, along with a trumpet. Towards, the middle, a blindfolded woman sinks to the bottom, towards the bed. We see her grab her trumpet and play underwater.

Alades is a stunning sophomore release by Careta; she certainly is one to watch on the global jazz scene. I look forward to her future releases with anticipation.

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