Pecolia Fitts, Lots of Little Goodies


Pecolia Fitts, Lots of Little Goodies Review

Review By: Jeff Becker

Pecolia Fitts was born in Kenly, North Carolina but grew up in New York City. Her interest in music began in the first grade when a music teacher heard her sing. Recognizing Pecolia’s innate abilities, she soon had Pecolia singing in all the school plays and concerts throughout her elementary years. Her support and belief in Pecolia’s talents encouraged Pecolia to enter into singing contests and as a result she won contest after contest, which further cemented her interest in performance.

Her journey towards becoming a professional singer included training at Star Time Studios with a vocal coach who had trained vocalist Connie Frances. Like most musicians it was time for Pecolia to pay her dues, so her real-life training began by joining a band and performing in local nightclubs and jobs in and around Queens. Eventually she became a solo act performing in clubs and at concerts. She had the esteemed pleasure of being the opening act for the Chi-Lites and for Blue Magic at the Manhattan Center. These performances led to an invitation to France where she performed at countless French venues.

I will warn you in advance, when you take a listen to Lots of Little Goodies, you will either adore it, or hate it completely. A utterly eclectic listen all the way through, covering R&B, soul, jazz, and hip hop, the only message that is weaved throughout the disc, is hope, and the desire to rise above. Even the titles of the songs will take you aback.

Today we will explore a couple of those quirky songs; “Sexy Homeless Lady” brings to the disc a song of independence and longing combined with a bouillabaisse of drum and bass beats. Fitts sings her song of R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I might additionally add that Fitts is obviously in the latter half of her career, and sports a vocal quality of Macy Gray and or Billie Holiday, but I have to give her Kudos for still desiring to shake and stir it up a bit. “Pink Beautiful Whisky Bottle” is a jazzy ballad that addresses the heart-ache that love, at times can bring. Though the cut is somber in nature, Pecolia offers the listener a glimmer of hope lyrically.

So in closing, if you enjoy Macy Gray or are a big Billie Holiday fan, this might be a quirky addition to your collection for times when you need an Andy Warhol moment.

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