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Olivia Trummer, For You Review

by Jeff Becker

olivia-trummer-cdOlivia Trummer is a German Jazz pianist, vocalist, and composer. She studied jazz piano and classical piano at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart and completed a master’s degree at the Manhattan School of Music. Trummer is releasing her new album called For You. The multi-award-winning Trummer takes us through eleven tracks that demonstrate her virtuosity as a composer and interpreter. Her rich musical imagination, her feeling for improvisation and harmonies, and her expressive voice – everything fits together here. The pianist and singer are joined by Rosario Bonaccorso on double bass and Nicola Angelucci on drums. Apart from leading several projects of her own, she is a member of Kurt Rosenwinkel’s “Caipi “band that has toured extensively through America, Canada, Europe, China, and Japan. Rosenwinkel makes a guest appearance on three selections on the album.

“Ever Changing Heart” combines her vivid singing and performance presence with her unique compositional style. Rosenwinkel’s contribution to the track is musical and lyrical. The form is complex and features a catchy melody. Rosenwinkel’s solo and singing guitar tone add much to the song’s appeal, and his style fits beautifully with Trummer’s compositional style. This composition shows why Trummer is considered internationally to be one of the most exciting jazz musicians of her generation.

“Piece of Love” is an example of Trummer combining jazz with classical and pop sensibilities. She hey transforms the lyrics through a glowing harmonic progression. The backing vocals add to the setting and answer Trummer’s call in the central theme. Trummer’s piano solo is powerful as she works within vernacular traditions of jazz and sings along with her piano. She is very much at home constructing emotive characters in her lyrics, which pulls the listener into her musical world.

Trummer’s For You displays an artist pushing her boundaries and exploring a wide range of dynamics that have many powerful moments. Her personal view on love and letting go while arbitrating between heart and mind is presented with rhythmically and harmonically adventurous compositions flowing between jazz, pop, and singer-songwriter.


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