Deborah Silver and Steve Tyrell, That’s Life Review


Deborah Silver and Steve Tyrell, That’s Life Review

by Jeff Becker

Deborah-Silver-Steve-Tyrell-cdDeborah Silver and Steve Tyrell’s rendition of “That’s Life” is an enjoyable classic jazz arrangement that will satisfy any adult standard genre enthusiast. Their version breathes new life into a classic anthem popularized initially by Frank Sinatra. Silver and Tyrell have a vocal chemistry that can be heard throughout this musical arrangement, with their vocal performances nodding to the genre’s golden age.

The single showcases an excellent big band arrangement characterized by its sophisticated orchestration, including strings, brass, and woodwinds. The opening sequence, with its bold brass voicings and intricate counterpoint from the woodwinds, sets a grandiose stage for the song. The strings contribute elegant coloration, enhancing the track’s rich texture without overshadowing the main vocal lines. The arrangement’s relaxed shuffle feel creates a fetching groove, inviting listeners into a bygone era with a fashionable touch.

Silver initiates the vocal journey gracefully and elegantly, perfectly capturing the song’s essence with her first melody phrase. Her ability to dig into the shuffle feel underscores her adaptability and deep understanding of the genre. Tyrell’s entry further enriches the track, providing a complementary sound with his distinct tone and clear diction. Together, Silver and Tyrell form an exceptional vocal duo, each adding a layer of character and playfulness to the melody.

The inclusion of background vocals, led by the talented Lisa Fischer, introduces a richness and depth to the song, hinting at a subtle gospel influence that aligns beautifully with the track’s shuffle gospel feel. This element not only adds a layer of complexity to the arrangement but also reinforces the song’s thematic message of resilience and perseverance.

This rendition of “That’s Life” is an elegant continuation of an enduring era that demonstrates the relevance of classic standards in today’s jazz music. Their interpretation pays homage to the song’s legacy with its sophisticated arrangement and stellar vocal performances.

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