Darmon Meader, Losing My Mind Review


Darmon Meader, Losing My Mind Review

Losing My Mind: Darmon Meader’s Musical Alchemy in Times of Solitude

by Icrom Bigrad

Darmon-Meader-CDDarmon Meader, renowned vocalist, saxophonist, and arranger, steps into the solo spotlight once again with Losing My Mind, a banquet of melodies that dazzles as much as it nourishes the soul. Conjured amidst the solitude of a global pandemic, this album exemplifies the creative resilience of an artist unfazed by adversity.

Commencing with the familiar strains of the well-loved standard, “It Could Happen To You,” Meader greets us with the warm embrace of his vocal timbre, akin to the hearty sear of finely-seasoned steak. His vocal range, as dynamic as it is impressive, spices the auditory dish, while his reinterpretation of the traditional melody leaves a lingering taste of daring innovation.

Meader’s original, “Last Call,” with vocalist Rosana Eckert, is the surprise ingredient, the splash of tangy lime in the simmering pot. Their voices weave intricate harmonies like an exotic spice blend, the aromatic symphony intriguing our sonic palate.

The menu offers an extensive selection, with dishes designed to thrill every taste bud. From the tender, string-infused rendition of Tom Paxton’s “The Last Thing On My Mind” to the lively, Latin-spiced take on Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day,” Meader’s range of flavors is remarkable. His saxophone in “East Of The Sun” offers a comforting warmth like a sip of aged bourbon, and his nimble scatting in “Gaia’s Lament” is as fresh and crisp as a garden salad, affirming that he swings in the top echelons of jazz.

Serving as the main chef and sommelier, Meader handles every aspect of the album, from vocals and saxophone parts to arrangements. His creative partner, Elliot Scheiner, provides the perfect mixing – the ideal wine pairing, if you will. Together, they bridge the gap between timeless classics and modern tracks, an audacious balance that excites and challenges the palate.

Losing My Mind is a flavorful feast of musical creativity and innovation. Inviting listeners to the table, Meader tempts us to lose ourselves in the captivating array of auditory delicacies. This is a dish best served bold and savored in every note. So, sit back, tune in, and prepare to embark on an exceptional gastronomic jazz journey.


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