Sticky Wicked, Nightfall Review


Sticky Wicked, Nightfall Review

by Icrom Bigrad

Sticky-Wicked-jazz-sensibilities-cdComing from the mindset of electric jazz, jazz-rock, and funk, Sticky Wicked is a compelling new ensemble with their debut album, Nightfall. Released through Zennez Records, this album showcases original compositions that reflect its members’ diverse and rich musical backgrounds. Sticky Wicked is a collective of seasoned Dutch musicians collaborating with notable national and international artists. The ensemble comprises Peter Lieberom (saxophone), Remco van der Sluis (drums), Glenn Black (guitar), Matthijs Geerts (keyboards), and Peter van Breukelen (bass), who also serves as the group’s founder and primary composer.

Kicking off the album with a distinct funk fusion groove, “Dawn” immediately sets the tone for what is to come. The ensemble builds a rich texture where each musician gets their moment in the spotlight. Van Breukelen’s bass tone is warm, and his use of artificial harmonics brings a fresh color to his bass lines. Geerts and Black create a textured rhythmic pad for Lieberom’s fluid saxophone solo. The track is joyous, intellectual, and exciting, making it an excellent opener.

Mixing rock fusion and funk, “Shifter” features outstanding keyboard sounds and a catchy riff-based melody. The ensemble performs intricate band hits and counterpoint lines with elegance and technical accuracy. Black’s guitar solo, presented with a warmly distorted tone, flows seamlessly with the language of jazz fusion, building a storied solo. The feel-good, energetic beat of this track is infectious.

“Valencia” is a beautiful journey through various twists and turns, supported by a deep-pocketed groove. Black and Lieberom turn in fine solos, demonstrating their synergy and improvisational prowess. The track is interesting and continuously builds, maintaining an enjoyable groove throughout.

Adorned with bebop embellishments, the melody to “Hickup” is an energetic ride. Van Breukelen and van der Sluis establish a seriously funky groove. Van Breukelen’s popping and slapping technique fits perfectly with van der Sluis’s drum and cymbal patterns. Geerts’s keyboard solo is full of clear motifs and rhythmic energy, making the track sophisticated and thoroughly enjoyable.

“The Bee” is a mysterious toned composition. The ensemble builds this multi-sectioned composition with excellent ensemble playing and dynamics. This track showcases the power of the ensemble in a rock fusion setting, with Black and Lieberom particularly compelling in their contributions.

An up-tempo fusion piece mixed with smooth jazz elements, “Humbugger” delivers an excellent groove and outstanding ensemble playing. The track is fun and energetic, keeping the listener engaged from start to finish.

The title track, “Nightfall,” is a playful and upbeat composition featuring Geerts’s varied keyboard sounds. It is stimulating and serves as a fitting closer to the album, encapsulating Sticky Wicked’s diverse musical journey.

Nightfall by Sticky Wicked is a solid debut that successfully blends elements of electric jazz, jazz-rock, and funk. Each track buzzes with the ensemble’s technical skill, creativity, and cohesive sound. The album offers enjoyable jazz fusion, with original compositions that are contemporary and rooted in the genre’s rich history. The seamless interplay between the musicians and the spirited playing makes Nightfall a delightful listening experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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