Radboud Withaar | Radboud Withaar

by Jeff Becker

Guitarist, educator, and composer Radboud Withaar resides in The Hague, Netherlands. He started playing the guitar at the age of sixteen, taking inspiration from rock/blues players like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, but also had an interest hard rock bands like AC/DC and Iron Maiden. At age 19 he developed an interest in Jazz and started listening to Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, and Pat Metheny. Over the years he has continued to perform jazz, pop, funk and Caribbean dance music. By playing these different styles Withaar has mastered the importance of having solid rhythm and clarity of melody in his playing. His guitar contribution has been an integral part of the following bands: Madhouse, De Helden, Madhouse, Glance and he regularly gigs with: XESS, Northern Comfort, en Funk U Bine and is currently playing with The Recipe. Withaar is also very active as an educator. His new self-titled album is a refined collection of eight tracks that focuses on an enjoyable collection of instrumental guitar music that is melodic and pinned by solid feels and remarkable songwriting.

“Color Waves” opens the album with a tack that features Withaar’s wonderful songwriting, filled with memorable melodies and flowing sections with noteworthy guitar parts. With a clear guitar figure as the opening melody, Withaar develops the track into a journey of feels, explorative guitar resonances. His lead playing is pleasing and melodic, never one to be flashy for the sake of technique, but when the song calls for a quick burst of energy, Withaar has that is spades.

“L’Estate” has a nice telecaster sound, with a chordal figure that has elements of 60’s rock and blues. Withaar has a lot of personality in his playing, little subtleties ring throughout and that makes for an enjoyable piece of music. His solo tone is warm and full as he builds his solo with a relaxed intensity and melodic assuredness. His use of double stops is very nice!

Withaar has created a collection of memorable tunes on his eponymously titled album, his copious playing, with a focus on melodic resonance, chalked full of exceptional solos is a potent listen.

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