Tingvall Trio, Birds Review


Tingvall Trio, Birds Review

Flight of Harmonies: Birds, The Tingvall Trio’s Soaring Tribute to Nature

by Stamish Malcuss

Tingvall-Trio-CDIn the meticulously tuned musical aviary of Tingvall Trio’s ninth album, Birds, the seamless synergy of three seasoned musicians sings with a harmony that mirrors the effortless synchronicity of a well-practiced flock navigating the endless sky. From the first note to the last, their performance soars, creating an atmosphere that’s both intimate and expansive.

The Tingvall Trio is a captivating blend of three dynamic personalities, each bringing a unique musical element to the ensemble. Martin Tingvall, the man behind the black and white keys, draws his tranquility from the serene landscapes of his Swedish hometown, Snarestad. His music interweaves diverse melodies, creating a harmonious balance between quiet solitude and the dynamic interplay with his counterparts, Omar Rodriguez Calvo and Jürgen Spiegel. Calvo, the Cuban bassist, injects a vibrant pulse into the Trio, threading together the Nordic melodies and robust Cuban rhythms, while Spiegel’s diverse background in rock, pop, and hip-hop lays down the rhythmic groundwork for the Trio’s signature sound. Each concert is a new adventure for them, a journey to uncharted musical territories.

“Woodpecker,” a kinetic composition, mirrors the rhythmic determination of its namesake. The ostinato figure on the piano mimics the relentless strike of a woodpecker, creating a resounding pattern that resonates deep within the listener. Much like the conversation between a woodpecker and its chosen tree, this playful exchange echoes the underlying discussion between the three musicians.

Their uplifting melody, “Africa,” sings with the rich tapestry of African rhythms and pentatonic structures. The sounds take flight on the wings of Spiegel’s drumbeats and Calvo’s grounded Cuban basslines, soaring over the wide-open plains and exploring the intricacies of the diverse landscapes below.

“SOS” serves as a poignant reminder of our planet’s fragility, resonating with the urgency of a bird’s distress call. Spiegel’s chattering drums, Calvo’s whispering bass, and Tingvall’s dramatic piano coalesce into an echo of urgency – a plea for preservation.

Closing the album is “A Call for Peace,” a serene and introspective solo piano piece. It embodies the gentle cooing of a dove, sending out a plea for tranquility and harmony. As the final note resonates, listeners are left with the echoes of the avian world, painted vividly through Tingvall’s keys.

Throughout Birds, Tingvall Trio has managed to intertwine the voices of nature with the resonance of their instruments, bridging the gap between listener, musician, and the avian world. So, come join us on this flight – let’s spread our wings and listen to the melodies inspired by our feathered friends so beautifully crafted by the Tingvall Trio in Birds.

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