Sergi Felipe, Biased Vision Review


Sergi Felipe, Biased Vision Review

by Stamish Malcuss

Sergi-Felipe-cdIn the vibrant world of the European Jazz scene, Sergi Felipe is building a reputation for innovation, versatility, and a profound understanding of music’s intricate facets. Biased Vision is Felipe’s latest daring and revelatory auditory journey showcasing his evolution as a musician, composer, and producer.

The multi-instrumentalist Felipe wields a unique musical arsenal comprising the saxophone, flute, piano, and synthesizer. His diverse abilities provide a foundation upon which he creates a rich fusion of sounds and rhythms. From his humble beginnings as an autodidact, through his formal education in Jazz and Modern Music at ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya), and onto the Barcelona jazz scene, Felipe’s is committed to pursuing excellence and innovation.

Biased Vision is a poignant embodiment of Felipe’s artistic ethos – creativity, surprise, and risk. The ten original compositions exemplify Felipe’s intuitive approach to music, an intuitive dance of trial and error. Moreover, they encapsulate the group’s ephemeral musical presence, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of discovery with Felipe and his team, double bassist Masa Kamaguchi and drummer David Xirgu.

A deeper dive into key tracks from the album, such as “Doc Dreams,” “Natación Sincronizada,” and “ANI,” reveals even more of Felipe’s maturation. For example, “Doc Dreams” showcases Felipe’s grasp of musical dynamics. This piece does not rely on consistent rhythm; instead, the energy generated by the trio forms its compelling groove, highlighting Felipe’s compositional daring and creating in the moment.

“Natación Sincronizada” offers a glimpse into Felipe’s balance between structure and improvisation. While the track delves into the heart of jazz with its easy tempo swing, Felipe’s solos remain methodical, revealing his composer’s mind even amidst his improvisation.

“ANI” displays the magic of Felipe’s production skills. A gentle melody weaves its way through the track, Felipe’s flute enriched by his innovative production techniques. The added effects create a modern, eclectic ambiance, demonstrating his understanding of contemporary music production.

Guest appearances by pianist Txema Riera and trumpeter Pol Padrós add to the harmonic complexity and sonic variety of Biased Vision broadening Felipe’s palette of soundscapes. Riera’s contribution on “Desesperación Nórdia” and “Old Psalmand” and Padrós’s melodies on “Nunca como antes” create an enriching collaboration, further emphasizing the album’s dynamic range.

Biased Vision is a significant milestone in Sergi Felipe’s career. It offers a captivating journey through its soundscapes, delivering a musical experience that challenges and rewards the listener. Through the fusion of his skills as a musician, composer, and producer, Felipe’s Biased Vision shines brightly, marking an invaluable addition to the tapestry of contemporary European jazz.

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