Mark Wingfield | Tales From The Dreaming City

by Icrom Bigrad

Mark Wingfield is a guitarist and composer based in the UK. Most of his output is rooted in jazz, but he is also active in contemporary classical music. Wingfield cites other jazz, rock, Indian, Japanese, African and classical music as influences, and as a composer, has written over 70 compositions. He has recorded numerous albums as a leader, and has recorded or performed with internationally acclaimed musicians including Iain Ballamy, Kevin Kastning, Asaf Sirkis, Yaron Stavi, Thomas Strønen, Jeremy Stacey, Dwiki Dharmawan, Robert Mitchell, Nicolas Meier, Jane Chapman, René von Grünig,Christoph Leistner.

On his latest album Tales From The Dreaming City, the bold innovator reaches beyond the boundaries with the help of fretless bassist Yaron Stavi and the dynamic drummer Asaf Sirkis.  Belgian keyboardist Dominique Vantomme, who provides sumptuous textures, colors and exotic voicings and solos on four tracks on this hard-hitting offering, which carries elements of prog-rock, jazz and world music.

“Looking Back At The Amber Lit House” has a flowing melody with Sirkis’ drum kit swirling below Wingfield’s singing guitar tone. Wingfield’s guitar voice is very human like, highlighting vibrant colors, subtleties, sliding into and out of notes with control and in a lyrical nature. Dominique Vantomme guests on synthesizer on this selection. His solo is rhythmic and builds overtime and his voice matches Wingfield’s. For his solo statement, Wingfield takes his usual methodical building approach, building in intensity and register until a climax at the end. Sirkis’ drum solo is intense and makes for a strong cadence to return to the melody. Wingfield weaves together specific sounds to evoke moods and create atmospheres that are unique and have a strong basis in rock, jazz, classical, and certainly elevates the world fusion attributes.

If you an Allan Holdsworth fan and you have never heard of Wingfield, then rush to take a listen to “A Wind Blows Down Turnpike Lane.” There you will find all the delights that will comfort you listening senses. Complex guitar voicings, intricate rhythms and beautiful melodies. Although Wingfield does not have the same solo vocabulary as Holdsworth, the richness of the music and its ability to convey strong emotions come from the same creative well, drink it in and enjoy.

On Wingfield’s latest release, Tales From The Dreaming City, he proves his desire is not just to create the next release in his ever-surging discography, but to boldly continue to step forward with creative mastery that ignites the listening experience to new heights.  A highly recommended listen!

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