Patrick Flynn, Good News

by Jeff Becker

In 1995, Patrick founded Silverado Records, an independent record label, as well as Maple Station Music, a music publishing company. Since that time, Patrick has secured national distribution for the label and produced more than a dozen CDs, including five of his own; Relativity and Spontaneous Combustion from the Father Son Band, and Buried Treasure, Late Bloomer, and Good News, as a solo artist.

Good News, Flynn’s latest CD is a potpourri of sounds and textures. “Good News Blues” slides into home base with a pickin’ and grinin’ original blues that instantly puts a smile on your face the minute you hear the first notes. Flynn’s guitar is sweetly toned and his gritty full bodied voice brings a message looking for world change and begging for positive vibrations. Ron Thompson’s slide guitar work on the cut gives the track a swampy feel that is authentic and truly spicy. Drummer, Kelvin Dixon provides a solid backbeat and support for the group to catapult from. Flynn’s ability to convey uplifting lyrics in a genre that normally focuses on the bluer side of life is a welcomed addition to the blues canvas.

“Don’t Take Your Love Away,” takes a stroll along the classic rock side of the 70’s, reminiscent of the Eagles. This cut features organically driven melodies with introspective lyrics of the deeper meanings of everyday life. Violinist, Mardell Stickley weaves rich harmonic lines of beauty and intensity, while Leonards Angels Choir adds perfectly in sync backing vocals to complement the heart-felt Flynn lyrics. Bassist Leonard Gill is completely in the pocket, creating appropriate and poignant nuances to this magical track. Flynn’s voice is laced with yearning angst that completely sells the lyric and message of the outstanding well-crafted cut.

Back in the blues buggy, Flynn again takes us for a ride in the positive blues vehicle with “Money Don’t Matter”… “If you have love and your heart goes pitter patter.” A consummate lover of life conveyed in all of Flynn’s originals, it is his lyrics that are a true cornerstone to the genuine message of Good News. “Money Don’t Matter” and Good News the project, embodies overall continuous positive messages needed in today’s times. Drummer, Kelvin Dixon, again guest spots on this cut groovin’ and rompin’ with precision and soul. Harmonica icon, Charlie Musselwhite, adds a searing solo over the meat and potatoes groove. Musslewhite jabs and stabs under the vocal adding even more grit and spit shine.

Next is a stop in the Doobie Brothers mixed with Jethro Tull land, births “Take the Spirit and Run.” This throw back to the 70’s adds another layer to the multi-compositional vision of producer, song-writer, label owner and vocalist Patrick Flynn. Flutist, Mel Martin is responsible for the Jethro Tull timber, spicing the track with hard hitting flute that has verve and strength in each note. Hammond is added by Flynn, creating a groovy Doobie sound. Leonards Angels Choir adds depth to the track with a call an answer section on each chorus, a concept lost in today’s recordings.

Good News is a treat for those of us who remember the days of creative, adult album alternatives of the 70’s when music and creativity, instead of bottom lines were the focus in creating music product. Flynn captures that concept and takes it to the next step in evolution with impeccable production, iconic guest artists and a befitting tribute to the late Leonard Gill featured on bass as the core group bassist. Flynn has created a multi-genre release that is focused on good music and a Good News message, which frankly our music industry could sorely use. Each musician on this release brings years of experience and knowledge to the project, but it is Flynn, who through his song-writing and arranging talents pulls together a cavalcade of stars and creates a fitting reminiscent tribute to the great music of yesteryear, coupled with the messages we need today. I recommended this disc to anyone who truly enjoys great musicianship and great song-writing.

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