Kaylé Brecher | Bredux: Collected Edges

Kaylé Brecher | Bredux: Collected Edges


by Stamish Malcuss

Kayle BrecherKaylé Brecher could be described as eclectic, but that would gloss over the truth of her artistry, which should absolutely be deemed pioneering, the sense that Andy Warhol was not just an artist but a foundation artist of change and expression to the idiom forever. Brecher is unabashed, unafraid, and up for the avant adventuresome that jazz offers.  Her artistic home is not within the confines of standards or cabaret but in the experimentation of jazz, authentic jazz with its tensions and harmonic complexities.  Equally endowed is her lyric writing; it’s easy to see why three of Kaylé’s original compositions and two of her versions of Freddie Hubbard tunes have been published by Freddie Hubbard’s publishing company Hubtones and two of her versions of Herbie Hancock tunes have been published by Hancock Music.

Out of the gate, “Wild Child” imbibes your ear with a groovy feel and a heavy message warning that we are duly responsible for the world of trouble they are going to bury us in.  Bassist Ratzo Harris digs in with a meaty bass sound that gravels with darkened groove as he locks tightly with drummer Grant Calvin Weston in a deeply throbbing fashion. Guitarist Frank Butrey lays down some tasty psychedelic colorizations while trumpeter Matt Cappy punctuates with jabs and splats to exhilarate the track.  Brecher froths with cool. Her laid-back vocal approach on this tune gives it the right amount of risk and technique to keep the track engaging throughout.

Another profoundly cool tune is “Spy Music,” fashioned with a post-bop melody with moments of bebop embellishments.  The guitar duties are shared by Jeff Lee Johnson and Ron Jennings; both add a nuance of intrigue and panache.  While Chico Huff adds the acoustic bass that drives the track with machination. Drummer Erik Johnson keeps a steady beat keeping a tight-knit for Brecher to improvise upon with abandon and improvise she does right out of the stratosphere, baby!

As mentioned above, Brecher is a pioneer, a trailblazer, if you will.  Jazz is her name, and improv is her game. A compelling composer with a cogent vision of the explorative nature of jazz, and Bredux: Collected Edges is her latest exploration.

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